Hearing Aid Myths

Everyone has seen someone wearing hearing aids, but many people don’t really understand what exactly hearing aids do and who they are for. If you are experiencing any hearing dysfunction you may be wondering if you are a candidate for hearing aids. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about hearing aids that can impede individuals from pursuing hearing aids, or sticking with them. If you have questions about hearing aids, or think that they are not for you, read on to dispel some myths regarding hearing aids.

Only For Extreme Hearing Loss

Maybe you have been experiencing some mild hearing loss and don’t think that you can do anything about it until the loss becomes severe. This is not the case, and many hearing aids can help people with mild to moderate hearing loss or impairment. We don’t wait to get glasses when our vision becomes blurry, and you shouldn’t wait until your hearing loss is profound to consider hearing aids. Even mild hearing loss can greatly impact your life and cause you to miss out on conversations, phone calls, and more. It can also be very important to address hearing loss when it is in the early stages, as there are links between cognition and hearing that can relate to memory and premature aging. The neural pathways that translate sound into meaning need to be kept active, and utilizing hearing aids to keep the sound transmission is crucial. Don’t wait for your hearing loss to become profound before you seek help; a hearing aid can help you in all stages of hearing impairment.

Only for Older People

Hearing loss is not selective to just the older population, although the incidence for hearing loss does rise as we age. If you have been avoiding addressing your hearing because you feel you aren’t “old enough”, think again! Hearing loss affects people of all ages, and it is estimated by the Better Hearing Institute that 1 in 6 baby boomers have a hearing problem, and 1 in 14 Generation Xers already have hearing loss. More than 65 percent of people with hearing loss are younger than 65, and if you fall into this group, hearing aids can help! Don’t believe the myths that hearing aids are only for a certain age, seek to remedy your hearing at any age. Some people also feel that hearing aids will make them appear older, but this is just not true. There has been so much innovation in the hearing aid industry that hearing aids are now smaller, and technologically advanced. Many hearing aids can connect to smartphones and be controlled discreetly. Don’t let this common myth hold you back from letting hearing aids help you at any age!

Wearing Just One Is Okay

If you only have severe hearing loss in one ear, you may be tempted to only wear a hearing aid on that side. However, since we normally hear with two ears, the brain uses both to locate and define sounds. This binaural hearing is important, and most people that wear two hearing aids are able to understand and hear better than someone who wears just one. Because sounds come from all around us, a hearing aid in a “good” ear can wirelessly stream sound to your other ear, improving your ability to hear. Don’t shortchange yourself by only improving your “bad” ear; hearing aids in both ears can help many people restore better hearing.

Hearing Aids Will Instantly Work

Well, yes and no. Yes, they will instantly magnify sounds and transmit them into your ears. But hearing aids can take time to get used to, and are not the same as slipping on a new pair of glasses. If you have had hearing loss for a while, the amount of sounds that you can suddenly hear can be really overwhelming. You are not just making sounds louder, but your brain needs to be re-trained to interpret and isolate the sounds you want to hear. You sometimes need to adjust your hearing aids, or gradually work up to wearing them full time. For some great tips on how to adjust to your new hearing aids, read this. Patience is key when getting used to your new hearing aids, so don’t become discouraged because they aren’t performing as you expected in the beginning.

There Is Just One Kind

If you have heard of your friend, neighbor or family member who didn’t like their hearing aids, or who has a much different form of hearing loss than you do, you may think that hearing aids come in one kind that isn’t for you. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and innovation is constantly being done to improve hearing aids and make them smaller and better. Factory Direct Hearing offers a large selection of brands, styles, and even colors to choose from, so you are never stuck with just one option.

They Will Damage My Hearing

This is a terrible myth because it can impede people from pursuing hearing aids because they are afraid that they will do more damage than good. This is not true at all, and hearing aids are programmed from your audiologist exam. This myth may be the result of people feeling that hearing aids have lowered their ability to hear without assistance. This is more a trick of the brain, which has become accustomed to not being able to hear. Once you are using hearing aids, and able to hear many sounds you were missing out on, your brain perceives it as though your hearing is actually worse than when you started. This myth is scary sounding, but is really not true; hearing aids can help your hearing and do not damage it.

They Make Things Too Loud

Maybe you have memories of a relative always adjusting their hearing aids, and being jolted by a loud noise. This is another area where there has been innovation that has fine tuned the volume and adjustments on hearing aids that solves this problem. Hearing aids used to come with very few settings which made it hard to find the perfect volume. Nowadays, hearing aids have very minute increments of adjustment, and many of them adjust automatically and have pre-programmed settings that can handle a noisy restaurant, a concert or a phone call. Wireless connectivity has also made adjusting hearing aids much more refined and discreet; no one even knows when you are using your phone to adjust the volume! So look into the new styles of hearing aids and you may be surprised at how far they have come!

They Are Too Expensive

Another big change in hearing aids is the price. With all of the innovation we have talked about, today’s hearing aids often require very little tweaking and tuning to be perfectly adjusted to your hearing needs. Factory Hearing Direct is paving the way in affordable hearing aids; purchasing online can save you 50 to 75 percent compared to a local hearing aid store. Our process is simple: you get a hearing test from a local professional, send us a copy of your results, purchase your hearing aids, and we program and customize them to your hearing test specifications! There is no need for costly visits to the doctor, your hearing aids arrive at your doorstep ready to use! You have to ask yourself if you are willing to pay thousands more just for a few more office visits. Hearing aids today do not need to break the bank, and Factory Direct is proud to offer such a great selection at low, affordable prices!

Hopefully we’ve cleared up any myths you had about hearing aids, and you are ready to order your new hearing aids from Factory Direct Hearing online! Hearing aids are not only for older individuals, don’t need to cost a fortune, and aren’t the bulky devices they used to be. Start our simple process today, and hear better quickly!