Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Ahhh, hearing aid batteries. Not the friend of any hearing aid user, these are what power hearing aid technology, and without them hearing aids would be useless. But there has not been as much innovation in the realm of hearing aid batteries as there has been with the hearing aids themselves—until recently. There are several notable hearing aid companies now offering rechargeable hearing aids, and Factory Direct Hearing is proud to offer these to our customers! If you are wondering just how life-changing a rechargeable hearing aid battery can be, read on!

Battery Life

A zinc hearing aid battery can power a traditional hearing aid for maybe one to two weeks, and this is for a hearing aid with no added features. No wireless connectivity, no GPS, no Bluetooth...pretty much none of the fun stuff that makes newer hearing aids so desirable. If you do have a hearing aid with all of the bells and whistles you could only be looking at one or two days before your hearing aid battery needs to be replaced. On average, 150 billion zinc hearing aid batteries are disposed of every year—although they are small, that is an astounding number!  You might have to make a decision between great features and how long your hearing aid can stay powered. Additionally, most hearing aid batteries are made of zinc that require oxygen to become active. To use them you pull a tab off of the back of the battery to expose them to the air. Once exposed, they will continue to lose power whether or not you are using your hearing aid, which greatly reduces the life of the battery. The battery life of hearing aids can also be affected by how severe the user’s hearing loss is, humidity, altitude, and how you store your batteries.

Peace of Mind

Disposable hearing aid batteries can die at any time if you aren’t keeping track of how long it has been since you have changed them. You could be stuck at a social engagement where you suddenly cannot hear, and are not near a store, you could be travelling, or you could be in the middle of an important phone call. The stress of always having to keep batteries on hand and always changing them can be reason enough to make the switch to a rechargeable system. You may have a fear of your hearing aid batteries dying and creating an embarrassing situation. What other modern device can you think of that you need to keep turned off to conserve power even when you might need it? Keeping your hearing aids off when not actively using them is not an ideal solution to battery life. With rechargeable batteries, you know that every morning they are ready to go, much like the first day of a new disposable battery. Wouldn’t it be nice to have first-day battery peace of mind? To not stress about remembering to pack enough batteries for your vacation, or remember to change them out at just the right time? If you want peace of mind, wake up every morning to fully powered hearing aids when you choose rechargeable batteries!


Have you ever fumbled with a tiny hearing aid battery only to drop it and lose it forever? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and the size of hearing aid batteries can be hard for people with decreased dexterity to manage. Fumbling with a hearing aid battery in a social situation, in your car, or even in a bathroom can be frustrating and as we age health complications can result in numb fingertips and other conditions that make it harder to change your batteries. Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetic neuropathy can all cause dexterity issues that making changing your hearing aid batteries not just frustrating but painful. Vision problems can make fitting those tiny batteries in the door next to impossible. With rechargeable batteries, there is no need to mess around with tiny batteries! You just place your hearing aids directly in a charger and enjoy fully charged batteries in the morning. You also don’t need to open the battery drawer with rechargeable hearing aids, which can help prolong the lifespan of the device. Moisture is the enemy of hearing aids, so eliminating how often the battery drawer is opened can greatly extend the life of the hearing aid. Another great perk of rechargeable hearing aid batteries is that you can just leave the small charger on your bedside table, ready for you to place your hearing aids in at night and wake up with them fully charged in the morning.

Environmentally Friendly

Remember how we mentioned that 150 BILLION hearing aids are trashed each year? Those batteries are not recyclable, and they pose a risk of leaking lead and acid into water supplies. Some of the newer rechargeable hearing aid batteries, like those made by Zpower, are recyclable, eliminating contributing to the ever-increasing amount of waste we produce. Additionally, hearing aid batteries can be dangerous if found and ingested by a small child or a pet as they can contain mercury and other dangerous substances and can be a choking hazard. Batteries can be flammable as well, and eliminating how many of them end up in a landfill is a great thing. Rechargeable batteries often have a longer shelf life than their disposable counterparts, and can withstand swings in temperature and humidity making them more durable and less likely to need to be replaced.



What if you don’t remember to charge your hearing aids one night? Many of the new rechargeable systems come with the option to still use traditional hearing aid batteries, giving users flexibility. Maybe you will be travelling somewhere with no power, or have other situations where your hearing aids cannot be charged. The flexibility to use disposable batteries makes rechargeable systems even more appealing.


Are you constantly buying disposable hearing aid batteries? It can start to seem like the cost of your hearing aids is never-ending! If you take a look at Oticon’s rechargeable station, powered by Zpower, after the initial purchase you only need to replace your hearing aid batteries about once a year. The cost of one Zpower rechargeable hearing aid battery is comparable to the price of 100 traditional hearing aid batteries! Think of how much you could save if you weren’t buying new batteries all of the time, and where that money could be better spent. While there is the initial investment, the savings are quickly recovered: in both money and time! The typical wearer of binaural hearing aids could spend 300 in hearing aid batteries! After the initial investment of a charging station, you would only need to change your batteries about once a year—a great savings.

Handle Improved Capabilities

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have the ability to power your hearing aids that have all the latest technologies. You don’t want to have to choose between a hearing aid that you love and one that won’t run out of batteries. Rechargeable batteries are designed with newer capabilities in mind, and will keep your high-tech hearing aids powered and ready for you all day long!

Oticon OPN Rechargeable Kit

We want to highlight a few of the amazing rechargeable options that we offer at Factory Hearing Direct, and the Oticon OPN Rechargeable Kit is one of them! The great thing about this system is that it turns any Oticon OPN miniRITE hearing aid into a rechargeable device! So if you have an existing Oticon OPN hearing aid that you love, you will love it even more when you add in the ability to recharge the batteries. This system provides a full day of power with one overnight charge, and there is no need to constantly be changing tiny batteries. If you aren’t using streaming you can get up to 19 hours with one charge, and with streaming you still will have 16 hours of continuous use. It only takes 6 hours for these batteries to fully recharge, so even on little sleep they will be ready for you in the morning. This system is an example of how Oticon is constantly innovating and creating great products to help with hearing impairment.

Siemens Cellion Primax 5 and 7

Siemens/Signia have been leaders in the hearing aid industry for years, and their Cellion Primax (both 5 and 7) batteries have the ability to be recharged overnight. The Cellion can be fully charged in just 4 hours, and last at least 24 hours—even with unlimited streaming! These hearing aids are sealed, keeping out both dust and moisture and keeping your hearing aids going strong. Another great feature of the Cellion is the option for a 30 minute fast charge that will give you at least 7 hours of uninterrupted power. The integrated lithium-ion power cell makes it so you never have to think about those tiny batteries again, and you are saving money and the environment!

According to a recent study done by Zpower, 70 percent of hearing aid consumers would rather have hearing aids that are rechargeable. However, 89 percent of hearing aid users have hearing aids that only take disposable batteries! If you are in the market for a new hearing aid, consider the importance of looking for one that is rechargeable. You will be glad you did when you save yourself time, money, and, most of all, have the peace of mind that your hearing aids won’t die on you at a play, during a movie, out to dinner with friends, or in any other situation that would be difficult or embarrassing. Factory Direct Hearing is proud to carry the best hearing aids on the market, and at a fraction of the cost! We only require a hearing exam, and then we program your hearing aids to your hearing specifications and ship them directly to your door! Check out our amazing rechargeable options, and all of our other great hearing aid deals!