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What To Expect at Your Hearing Exam

Do you suspect that you are having hearing issues? Have you been asking people to repeat themselves, are you always turning up the TV volume, or have you been avoiding crowded events because you can’t hear well? You should get your hearing checked, as this is the first step in finding a solution to your hearing impairment. A hearing exam will reveal whether you have hearing loss, and how severe it is. Don’t let your hearing loss get worse, as it can negatively affect your life and your cognitive function. If you have been putting off a hearing exam because you are afraid of the process, learn what to expect at your hearing exam so you can be prepared. A...

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9 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked

Are you the family member who is always turning up the T.V.? Do you have trouble following conversations in noisy restaurants? Are you exhausted after extended conversation? If any of these apply to you, getting your hearing tested is a good idea. Maybe you haven’t even realized how hearing loss has affected your life. Read on to see the top reasons to get your hearing tested, and if you do have hearing loss, you can begin taking steps towards better hearing today. Factory Direct Hearing sells hearing aids online that can help you improve your hearing, and make everyday activities easy again. Come Again? What? Huh? Come again? Can you repeat that? If you frequently find yourself asking people to...

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What you need to know about Ear Examinations

An ear examination is a thorough evaluation of the ears that is done to screen for ear problems, such as hearing loss, ear pain, discharge, lumps, or objects in the ear. An ear examination can detect problems in the ear canal, eardrum, and the middle ear, such as infection, excessive earwax, or an object like a bean or a bead. During an ear examination, an instrument called an otoscope is used to look at the outer ear canal and eardrum. An otoscope is a handheld instrument with a light, a magnifying lens, and a funnel-shaped viewing piece with a narrow, pointed end called a speculum. A pneumatic otoscope has a rubber bulb that your doctor can squeeze to give a puff...

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