The Importance of Good Conversation

From the moment that we are able to string a few words together as a toddler, we are active participants in the great art of conversation. A good conversation is as enthralling when we are twenty as when we are eighty, but hearing loss can put a damper on talking with friends. Conversation is so much more than just words exchanged; it is the basis of friendships, a reason to be social, and stimulating to the mind. Read on to see just how important conversation is, and how to keep good conversation going as you age.

Keeps You Active

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” Amadeus Wolfe

Going to a party, a group lunch, or another social engagement is the perfect opportunity for good friends and great conversation. Reconnect with old friends, learn new, interesting facts, or reminisce about events you haven’t thought of in years. Conversation keeps you active in the community and keeps you an active participant in the lives of the people around you. Maybe you meet friends for coffee every week and catch up, or you enjoy a book club where everyone shares their insights into great literature. Conversation keeps you going, and gets you out into the community.

Keeps Your Mind Sharp

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” William Hazlitt

Listening to other people’s ideas and stories is essential for keeping your mind sharp. Regularly engaging in stimulating conversation is a great way to keep your mind working, and keep your debate skills fresh. Especially if you take the time to talk with people who have different perspectives, beliefs, or backgrounds, you can learn something new and possibly even refine your own worldview. Being able to converse gives you access to ideas and information you may have not even considered, and the gets the wheels turning in your brain.

Meet New Friends

“Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for competitors.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being able to engage in good conversation is the basis of friendships, and you can find common ground through conversation with people who are much different in age, beliefs, or socioeconomic status. The ability to sustain a conversation can keep a friendship going throughout the years, and weekly or monthly phone calls can last for hours because of the great subject matter discussed. If you love meeting new people, and keeping up with old friends, the art of conversation is essential.

How Hearing Loss Affects Conversation

“Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people.” Helen Keller

Good conversation really enriches life, but what happens when hearing loss gets in the way? Hearing impairment can cause you to avoid social situations where conversations will be difficult to follow, can cause isolation and depression, and even lead to your cognitive abilities being impaired. Hearing loss can impact relationships with your friends, and even close family members. If you are experiencing hearing loss, Factory Direct Hearing is here with hearing aids you buy online that are delivered directly to your door, with only a hearing test needed! Stay practiced in the art of great conversation, and get the hearing help you need—get started today!