Oticon Hearing Aids


Oticon produces world renowned hearing aids that feature state of the art  technologies. Since 1904, Oticon has been shaping the hearing aid industry. Over the following century, Oticon designed and built smaller, more versatile hearing devices, and they’ve paved the way for programmed, customizable hearing aids which are designed to fit the demands of the user. You can learn more about Oticon’s rich history, and view our selection of Oticon products. We also have further information about Oticon’s hearing aids (including Oticon’s premier hearing aid, the OPN model), the benefits of Oticon products, factsabout Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology, and information on Oticon’s solution to tinnitus. Read on for more information.



Oticon’s Opn Hearing Device

Opn hearing aids are the pinnacle offering by Oticon. Opn aids revolutionize the way we hear, transforming how sound is analyzed and projected. Opn hearing aids contain OpenSound Navigator™, Velox™, and TwinLink™ technologies.

OpenSound Navigator: OpenSound Navigator technology is designed to analyze multiple noise sources, as well as dynamic speech. Unlike other aids on the market, each sound source is isolated, analyzed, and controlled. Sound is transmitted just as you’d like it, with unparalleled control.

Velox: Opn features a the new Velox processor from Oticon. It’s faster and more versatile than any predecessor. Velox technology offers all of the following features:

  • 50 times faster data processing than ever before
  • 64 frequency channels for higher signal and frequency resolution
  • Full environmental analysis 100+ times a second
  • Capacity to handle 1,200 million operations per second
  • The revolutionary TwinLink™ communication system
  • 2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity

TwinLink: TwinLink technology pushes the boundaries of inner aid communication. Each hearing aid communicates with the other to provide a further customizable sound and heightened sound quality.

TwinLink technology also enables the user to sync with external devices for even more unique customization. Aid wearers can listen to TV and music directly through their hearing aid. TwinLink also enables users to utilize a remote control to operate Opn aids. Use a TwinLink remote to change the volume of your aids, and to switch between programs.

On top of that, TwinLink empowers Opn users with the Oticon ON App — an iPhone* controlled app with remote control volume, program control, and battery level monitoring. Plus, the features don’t stop there. With “If This Then That” (IFTTT) network integration, users can enjoy unlock a variety of diverse, new applications for their hearing aids. Use the ON App to notify you when someone has rung the doorbell. Or program your aid to prompt you with calendar notifications. Get pinged when your Opn batteries are low. Receive text notifications. Control the lights in your home. Start your TV automatically. The options are endless! Best of all, the ON App has a “Find My Hearing Aid” feature, which is undeniably useful when these small hearing aids are misplaced. Feel free to learn more about Opn’s extensive TwinLink capabilities, and explore the bountiful solutions of IFTTT integration.

*As Oticon points out the following guidelines for smart device connectivity, “Oticon Opn™ and Oticon ON App are compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th and 6th generation). Devices must be running iOS 9.3 or later. The app also supports Apple Watch. When downloading the Oticon ON App on iPad, search for iPhone apps on the App Store.”

Opn Options

Opn hearing aids are available in a variety of options and sizes. Get in touch with us to learn more about Opn, and our options. You can also customize the color of your hearing aids. Choose from silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, royal blue, diamond black, silver grey, steel grey, and chroma beige. Browse through our Opn 1, Opn 2, and Opn 3 options.

Our Unbeatable Warranty

Opn hearing aids come with a three-year warranty, three years of loss and damage insurance, a one-year supply of batteries, domes, and wax filters, a 60-day money back guarantee (with a full refund), professional hearing aid programming support, free expedited shipping throughout the US, and lifetime hearing aid service and support! Plus, Factory Direct Hearing offers a lowest price guarantee for their products.



Other Products by Oticon

Alta2 is also available in a variety of styles. Alta2 hearing aids are available in both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles. Plus, Alta2 hearing aids are crafted in a variety of colors. Choose from silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, royal blue, diamond black, silver grey, steel grey, and chroma beige. All Alta2 hearing aids are designed to be compact, lightweight, and discrete. You’ll hardly notice the aid, aside from the astounding sound quality! Shop our Oticon Alta2 Pro (Ti) hearing aids today.Alta2: Oticon’s Alta2 hearing aids are designed to be ergonomic, customizable, and intuitive. The Alta2 has adjustable listening preferences, including speech boosting and loudness perception adjustability.

Nera2: The Nera2 hearing aid is even more customizable and intuitive than Oticon’s Alta2 model. Like the Alta2, these aids have adjustable controls, including speech enhancement and volume control. Plus, Nera2 hearing aids are enhanced with Oticon’s patented BrainHearing™ technology (you can read more about BrainHearing below). Plus, Oticon’s Nera2 hearing aids are helpful in mitigating the effects of tinnitus (again, you can read more below about tinnitus and Oticon’s solution for those who suffer from tinnitus). Nera2 is highly customizable as well. Oticon Nera2 Pro (Ti) hearing aids are available in silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, royal blue, diamond black, silver grey, steel grey, and chroma beige. Nera2 hearing aids are also crafted with a protective, moisture-resistant coating, which means that your device will be impervious to dirt, dust, and water. Nera2 hearing aids are designed to last! Shop our Nera2 Pro (Ti) hearing aids here.

Ria2: Oticon’s Ria2 hearing aids are designed for comfort. Reduce wind noise and whistling sounds with Ria2’s Inium Sense processing chip. Also, you can enjoy automated volume control, or adjust the volume manually to match your desires, comfort, and volume tolerance. Ria2 hearing aids automatically communicate with one another, so adjustments made to one hearing aid will be mimicked by the other. Ease of use and comfort come first with Ria2 hearing aids. Wearers can also select the aid size and orientation that they prefer. Ria2 aids are available as  invisible in the ear canal, in the canal, and in the ear options. Like Oticon’s Nera2 and Alta2 models, Ria2 hearing aids are available in silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, royal blue, diamond black, silver grey, steel grey, and chroma beige. Shop our Ria2 Pro (Ti) hearing aids today!

An Incredible Warranty

Take note! All of our Oticon hearing aids are backed by an incredible warranty. Oticon aids come with a three-year warranty, three years of loss and damage insurance, a one-year supply of batteries, domes, and wax filters, a 60-day money back guarantee (with a full refund), professional hearing aid programming support, free expedited shipping throughout the US, and lifetime hearing aid service and support. We also offer secure shopping right here online, and we back our products with a low-price guarantee.



Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology

Opticon products are integrated with groundbreaking BrainHearing technology. Their Inium Sense processor efficiently processes sounds, honing and shaping them to make hearing clear and simple. As the name suggests, BrainHearing technology is aimed at processing noise in order to deliver to the ear in a way that’s most aligned with the brain’s natural ability to analyze sound. Compared to previous technologies, the Inium Sense processor has 30 percent more processing power — that power enables a litany of improved features. Users will notice better real-time processing, improved speech analysis, and near-instant feedback removal. BrainHearing combines all of the following technologies into a powerful, unsurpassed listening experience:

  • Soft Speech Booster: BrainHearing has an integrated Soft Speech Booster. This tech captures, identifies, and improves soft speech, so that you can understand conversations, even in the most trying conditions. Oticon’s Soft Speech Booster amplifies and clarifies speech.
  • Speech Guard E: Pair the Soft Speech Booster with Speech Guard E, a program which aids in further improving speech quality by reducing interference and isolating individual speakers. With Speech Guard E, focusing on a speaker is effortless.
  • Spatial Sound: BrainHearing also relies on Spatial Sound, a technology that improves our ability to the sources of sounds in our environment. Opticon aids work together to analyze the direction from which sound is travelling, and the aids mimic and heighten our natural auditory spatial awareness.
  • YouMatic: Sound experience customization is second nature with Oticon’s YouMatic tech. Oticon aids can be customized to fit an individual's unique hearing needs. Your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist can help you to optimize the sound quality of your hearing aids.
  • FreeFocus: Hearing aids can be overwhelming. Oticon understands how delicate our focus can be. Free Focus technology helps us to seperate competing sounds in the environment, while improving directional awareness.
  • Inium Feedback Shield: Feedback can be painful and alarming. When feedback is a liability, Oticon products identify feedback risks, and they reduce feedback instantaneously. The Inium Feedback Shield is automatic, so you won’t even notice when feedback may otherwise have occurred.
  • Speech Rescue™: With impaired hearing, some letters and syllables get lost. Speech Rescue remedies their absence with high-quality amplification, just when you need it. Speech Rescue aids with “s” sounds and “th” sounds, among other sounds that often fall silent for those of us with impaired hearing.

Feel free to learn more about Oticon’s supremely intuitive BrainHearing technology.



Treating Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be debilitating. While others can navigate through their day without harsh, interfering noises, there is an unlucky percentage of us who struggle with these phantom noises. If you suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss, Oticon has the support you need to live a normal lifestyle. Let’s delve into the details of tinnitus, as well as Oticon’s solution: Tinnitus SoundSupport™ technology.

The Problem With Tinnitus

Tinnitus can strike anyone, and its effects can last a lifetime. We often suffer from tinnitus due to stress, lack of sleep, aging, high-pitched noises, loud noises, high-impact noises, neck and head injuries, and other sources. Tinnitus is a rather unpredictable impairment, and it’s often paired with hearing loss, which can amplify the problem. If you endure ringing, hissing, roaring, or buzzing, you're not alone — about 10 percent of the population have some form of tinnitus. So what’s the solution? How do you combat tinnitus?

Oticon’s Solution: Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Tinnitus SoundSupport is specifically designed to address tinnitus, reducing the pain and stress it can cause. Through an Oticon hearing aid, users can count on Tinnitus SoundSupport to mitigate the effect of tinnitus-caused sounds. Tinnitus SoundSupport can be utilized to play relieving sounds, ranging from music to ocean sounds to white noise. Plus, with the Opn hearing aid from Oticon, you can sync your hearing aid with your iPhone or device to select any number of sounds. Stream music from your device, listen to a podcast, “read” an audiobook, or listen to meditation and relaxation guidelines. With Tinnitus SoundSupport, you have control over your tinnitus, not the other way around.

Take note, Tinnitus SoundSupport does not treat tinnitus; it is simply intended as a form of sound therapy for relief from tinnitus. Feel free to learn more about Tinnitus SoundSupport.



Why Choose Oticon

Oticon provides tried and true hearing aids with innovative technologies. That means better speech recognition, reduced static, better directional cues, and much more. If you’re still curious about our Oticon options, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. You can also shop through all of our hearing aid products, or explore more information straight from Oticon.