9 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked

Are you the family member who is always turning up the T.V.? Do you have trouble following conversations in noisy restaurants? Are you exhausted after extended conversation? If any of these apply to you, getting your hearing tested is a good idea. Maybe you haven’t even realized how hearing loss has affected your life. Read on to see the top reasons to get your hearing tested, and if you do have hearing loss, you can begin taking steps towards better hearing today. Factory Direct Hearing sells hearing aids online that can help you improve your hearing, and make everyday activities easy again.

Come Again?

What? Huh? Come again? Can you repeat that? If you frequently find yourself asking people to repeat what they have said, it may not be that they are just mumbling. Voices sounding frequently muffled can be due to hearing loss, and it can really affect your everyday life. The high-pitched voices of women and children are often especially difficult to hear. This can cause a breakdown in communication between family members, and make it hard to initiate conversations with strangers. Being able to engage in conversation is such an integral part of human life, and the repercussions of hearing loss can undermine this basic part of life. If you find that you often have trouble hearing people, schedule a hearing test today.

Pump Up the Volume!

Do your family members constantly complain about the volume level on the TV, when you have finally gotten it to an enjoyable level? Are you straining to hear music or television that everyone else seems to be able to follow? If you are the person always turning up the volume, it is time to consider hearing loss as an issue. Get tested to know whether your volume preferences are linked to hearing loss.

Phone Calls

Have you been avoided calling your beloved niece, or dodging business calls because it has become hard to hear phone calls? You may believe it is just your landline, or there is something wrong with the cell reception, but if you are always having issues on phone calls, get your hearing checked. Especially if you live far away from family and friends, hearing loss can interfere with your relationships, and cause you to feel isolated. You may fall behind on business and avoid important calls because of the struggle involved being able to hear. If your phone volume is on max, and you are still having problems, it is time to get your hearing tested.

Ring, Ring!

Everyone has experienced ringing in their ears at one time or another, but if the ringing is persistent it may indicate a larger problem. If you experience ringing after loud noises, this can also be a sign of hearing loss. Take ringing seriously, and if it is persistent get it checked out!


Hearing loss and exhaustion? YES. If you are always struggling to hear, it can be physically draining and leave you exhausted. You may avoid situations that require extended conversation, even not realizing it, because of the physical strain you experience. If you find yourself tired after conversation, or your mind feels overworked after listening to a speaker or a play, you should get your hearing checked. If hearing loss is not treated, and the exhaustion becomes more pronounced, it can really affect your daily life. Reclaim your energy, and get your hearing tested today. If there is a problem, Factory Direct Hearing has a huge selection of affordable hearing aids online that can improve your hearing.


Hearing helps us with stability and balance, and when your hearing is impaired, it can increase your fall risk. A study by a Johns Hopkins researcher found that people with a 25 decibel hearing loss were three times as likely to have experienced falling. Hearing loss can affect your awareness of your environment, and lead to tripping and falling. Another hypothesis is that when you are so focused on trying to hear, you are cognitively overloaded, and cannot take information as easily. If you are falling frequently, your desire to socialize can be diminished, and fear of injury may keep you at home. If you have been having trouble with your balance, or are falling frequently, make sure your hearing is tested.

Noisy Places

Maybe you haven’t considered hearing loss as an issue because you hear fine in everyday situations, and only have trouble in crowded, noisy places. Being able to hear someone talking when there is a lot of background noise present is important, and can really be hampered by hearing loss. If you can’t hear conversations at noisy restaurants, or at a crowded party, your desire to participate in these social events may be compromised. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from attending graduations, weddings, birthdays, or any other events where you need to hear in noisy situations. Get your hearing tested, and if you have hearing loss, hearing aids can keep you active and social.

Sound of Silence

You may not even know what sounds you are missing out on! Just like getting glasses can open your eyes to a world of details you were missing, new hearing aids can open your ears to sounds that you have missed. We can slowly become accustomed to hearing loss, and may not realize that there are many sounds we are missing. Getting your hearing tested if you have any inclination that you might have hearing loss, is the first step to hearing better. If you have a family history of hearing loss, are taking medications that can cause hearing loss, or have recently been exposed to loud noises, get your hearing tested!

Your Own Voice

If people frequently tell you that you are speaking too loudly, you may not be able to accurately hear your own voice volume. You may think you are whispering something, but it is loud enough for everyone nearby to hear. Hopefully, your family and friends will alert you if they think there is an issue with your volume level (hey, some of us are just naturally loud!), and if there seems to be an issue, get your hearing checked.

If you are suspicious you may have hearing loss, and are experiencing even a few of these symptoms, get your hearing checked! Hearing loss really does affect all areas of life, and can result in isolation, loss of activity, and even depression. Being able to effectively communicate is important for families, friends, and in the workplace. Your job could be compromised by hearing loss, your relationships could suffer, and your quality of life could be impacted. At Factory Direct Hearing, we have a large selection of online hearing aids that can improve your hearing, and restore your quality of life. Check out our great selection and prices-contact us for more information today!