Factory Direct Hearing Reviews: What People Are Saying

Whether you’ve been wearing hearing aids for decades or are just beginning to do some research of top hearing aid brands like Siemens, Phonak, ReSound, Widex, et al., Factory Direct Hearing is worth your consideration for no other reason than we combine quality with value. Quite simply, purchasing from Factory Direct Hearing should get your high-quality hearing aids at a fraction of the cost that you would pay otherwise.

Four Easy Steps

The process is as easy as four simple steps.

  • First, you’ll complete a hearing test by visiting your local ear care specialist.
  • Then, send us a copy of your test by email, by uploading on our website, fax, or even snail mail!
  • Next, you can purchase your new hearing aids, utilizing our advice as much or as little as you’d like. We’re happy to provide recommendations.
  • Finally, we’ll set up your hearing aids so they are ready-to-wear, and then we’ll ship them to you!

We have built this hearing aid company based on key principles: fair pricing, no pressure, no gimmicks, and being up-front. Beyond that, we provide the very best hearing aids in the world while providing top-level customer service. Whether you need support or are looking for a simple and straightforward buying experience, we have the processes in place to offer a stress-free experience.

A Word About Our Reputation

Now that we’ve briefly highlighted the general process, allow us a quick word about testimonials, reviews, and the modern era. When people pay for a service or product, they have certain expectations. Chief among them is getting what they paid for, in addition to some other assumptions of quality such as adequate customer service.

That point isn’t novel; it’s a precept of commerce and to some extent civilized society. But it’s also the foundation for which people leave either negative or positive reviews. With the age of Yelp, Google, UrbanSpoon, and Angie’s List in full swing, people get information about a company by looking at a business’ online reputation. Yes, word-of-mouth votes of confidence (or the opposite) still carry great weight, but when it comes to a hearing aid provider like ours, it’s vital to be able to buy with confidence because others before you have had a great experience.

And from a psychological perspective, seeing a business that has a wealth of positive testimonials and reviews (like ours, for the record) means that this organization has likely gone above and beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions. Os consumers, our natural instinct is to go about our day unbothered once we’ve paid for a service, even if it’s satisfactory. If a service or product is substandard, that’s when we’ll usually take to our smartphone or computer to let others know, “BEWARE!”

But when you see a business with a host of positive testimonials, it’s a strong indicator that this business is worth your consideration.

What Our Customers Are Saying

All that being said, we’d like to let our customers (many of whom have become clients) do the talking for a bit. So keep reading if you are interested in learning more about Factory Direct Hearing!

“They Are The Best Fitting And Most Comfortable Aids That I Have Worn”

“This year I had to finally purchase hearing aids. I went to the audiologist to have my hearing tested. Sure enough I had hearing loss. The audiologist talked me into starting with custom fit. So I tried custom fit aids to which I had many issues. After the third fitting adjustment I was at a conference and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said sir your ear in bleeding. I removed the aid and it was full of blood. I went back to the audiologist and they said we will switch you to our BTE model. After a couple of weeks I had an allergic reaction to the plastic. At this point I simply did not know what to do. Then I came across Factory Direct. The Siemens Silk Primax 7 was the perfect solution. They are the best fitting and most comfortable aids that I have worn. Factory Direct worked with me with to fine tune the program perfectly. I can't say enough what a great find Factory Direct is.” Wayne, Five Stars, Testimonials

If you’d like to buy hearing aids online, we won’t lie. You’ve got to be careful about who you choose as your provider. Wayne was in a difficult position. He tried custom-fit hearing aids, he tried a BTE plastic model, neither with any success. But the Siemens Signia Silk Primax 7 Hearing Aids, which are currently on sale, in case you were interested, brought relief and comfort to Wayne. We are also thrilled that you had a great experience working with our technicians who were able to tune the program. Thank you Wayne, for your kind words and business!


“They Are Working Perfectly After One Year”

“I bought a pair of hearing aids. Paid through Paypal and received the items, without a problem. They are working perfectly after one year, much less expensive than in the local hearing aid store.” - Gustavo A., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Gustavo, we appreciate you taking the time to let others know how your experience was with us here at Factory Direct Hearing. We wanted to highlight this review in particular because Gustavo mentioned his simple and streamlined purchase process. He paid through Paypal and received his Factory Direct Hearing aids shortly thereafter! Whether you are looking into over the ear hearing aids, hearing aid Bluetooth options, or are just starting your online hearing aids research, we’ve got you covered. Thanks again, Gustavo!

“Factory Direct...Saved Me 3000”

“I was skeptical after all the audiologist in my town told me they were rip offs, liars thefts, cheats. I was a little scared to fork over that kind of money. I ordered them on Dec. 7 and as the weeks went by got more nerves. Lost sleep, bitched and moaned all the time for no reason. They showed up on Jan. 5 I bought the Widex beyond 440 and I love them. John Garcia did a great job. I had a pair of in ear aids for 8 years. These Widex blow them away. Factory direct may have taken a little longer but it was well worth the wait saved me 3000.00. Very happy with them. Thanks John good job.” - Robert, Five Stars, Testimonials

Robert, we appreciate your candor as much as we do your business, which is why we wanted to highlight this review specifically. Robert went with a pair of the Widex Beyond 440 Hearing Aids, on which he saved some $3,000! And while we can empathize with Robert and his negative experiences, we are thrilled he can finally shop with confidence when it comes to purchasing new hearing aids online. You can too, as we offer the best price or we will BEAT IT! Seriously, that’s our guarantee! We also offer 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, in case you were wondering. But we digress. Thanks again for your excellent review, Robert!

“Would Recommend To Anyone Who Needs To Save a Few Bucks On Hearing Aids”

“Heard a lot of bad things about what could go wrong if you buy online but decided to trust my instinct to save money and bought from these guys anyways. I am extremely happy and would recommend to anyone who need to save a few bucks on hearing aids and still wants the best.” Edmundo, Five Stars, Testimonials

Edmundo, we agree, and we’d like to add the observation that we’ve never met anyone who couldn’t use to save a few bucks on hearing aids. The part that we really appreciated in this review was that Edmundo included the fact that you aren’t just getting “cheap hearing aids online”, you are getting the best hearing aids, too. And while, yes, you need to be careful when you buy anything online, our satisfaction guarantee, positive reputation, and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee should certainly alleviate any concerns!

“Great Savings”

“I was told by my Audiologist that it would cost $4500 or more for the type of hearing aids I needed. I locate Factory Direct Hearing website while I was browsing the web and saw the hearing aids I needed for half the price. So far they have worked great. I spoke with Nick, and he was really informative about the different hearing aids for my hearing loss. Thanks, Factory Direct hearing.” - Dexter, Five Stars, Testimonials

Dexter, we hear this kind of story all the time. Audiologists, bless their hearts, largely go through the same old avenues of purchasing hearing aids, and those avenues aren’t designed to save their patients money. We here at Factory Direct Hearing are, however. We are also pleased that Dexter found Nick informative and helpful!

Shop Our Selection Today!

With free shipping, top hearing aid brands, prices that literally can’t be beaten, and a dedication to providing first-class customer experience, learning more about Factory Direct Hearing makes a lot of sense. When you throw on top of all those reasons the overwhelmingly positive testimonials and reviews like the ones we’ve highlighted today, choosing us is something of a no-brainer.

Remember, there’s just a simple, four-step process. Shop today!