Featured Hearing Aid: The Silk Primax!

Siemens, also known as Signia, is a trusted company with a deep history in the hearing aid industry. Their Primax line of hearing aids delivers outstanding technology, and the Silk presents those features in a tiny, almost invisible in the ear, package. Factory Direct Hearing is proud to carry the Silk Primax line, and we are excited to share all of it’s features with you! If you are looking for a hearing aid solution that is delivered right to your door, ready to use out of the box, that really works, the Silk Primax from Siemens/Signia is for you!

Completely in Canal

The Silk Primax is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, and is a Completely in Canal (CIC) design. This design means that the hearing aid is almost invisible in a wearer’s ear, while still delivering amazing sound quality. If you have been looking for a discreet solution to bulkier hearing aids, the tiny Silk is for you! Because the Silk comes with adjustable sleeves, the hearing aid can sit deep in the ear canal, and for some users is undetectable. If you have been looking for an inconspicuous hearing aid that delivers amazing technology, Silk is the answer!

Click Sleeve

The innovative design of Silk’s soft silicone Click Sleeves means that almost everyone can find the perfect fit. The Click Sleeve comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and two venting options, either open or closed. These options give you the flexibility to find the perfect fit for your ear. Signia’s motto of Click.Fit.Go really shines through with Click Sleeve design, and the sleeve allows the user to wear the Silk deep in the ear canal. The Click Sleeves are flexible and conform to the the individual user’s ears for great comfortability and retention. Once inserted, many users forget they are even wearing the tiny, sleek Silk. If you need a hearing aid with all of the great features that is still small and comfortable, try Silk!

Ready to Wear

With Factory Direct Hearing, your hearing aids are shipped directly to your door ready to use! Silk is ready to use out of the box, programmed to your hearing specifications. You don’t have to endure the wait of custom-made hearing aids when you choose Silk Primax. Factory Direct Hearing makes getting a hearing aid effortless, and all you have to do is send in your hearing test to have a hearing aid adjusted to your specifications and it is then sent right to you! Don’t put off better hearing for another day, take control of your hearing today with a new hearing aid bought online and delivered directly to you!

Primax Technology

The Primax platform is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry, with unmatched speech intelligibility and background noise reduction. Primax offers many outstanding features, that are all packed into the tiny Silk model:


 The SpeechMaster feature of the  Primax platform highlights speech and  really helps you be a part of  conversations once again. This feature  continuously evaluates sounds coming  in to isolate voices from ambient noise,  and isolates and amplifies the sounds  you want to hear. This technology  analyzes and evaluates many sounds at one time, but all you will notice is how effortless hearing speech becomes. Conversations become understandable without straining, and listening is comfortable once again. If your hearing loss has interfered with your ability to understand speech, the Silk Primax solves your hearing problems with SpeechMaster technology.


The revolutionary OneMic binaural directionality can boost your ear’s ability to focus on specific sounds from the front and filter out noises from behind. This allows you to focus on someone talking to you, a concert, the television, or any other sounds you are facing while eliminating the annoying interference of background noise. OneMic is just another great feature packed into the small Silk.

Noise Reduction

When you want to amplify your hearing, you don’t want to amplify every sound. Wind, background chatter, crowded restaurants, and anywhere else there is a lot of ambient noise can be very challenging for the hearing impaired. Filtering out these background noises can be exhausting for the listener. Suppress unwanted noises with Silk Primax, and listening becomes effortless once again. Whether you are straining to hear over traffic, or in a open, busy office, Silk helps with amazing noise reduction capabilities.

HD Music

Enjoy music again with Primax’s HD Music program. HD Music offers three settings to help you in all musical situations. The live music setting is perfect for concerts, small venues, and anywhere you happen to find a great live music event! The recorded music setting helps at home when you are returning to your old musical favorites. And the musician setting lets musicians and singers who have hearing loss hear what they are playing so they stay connected to their passion. If you love music, you will love the HD Music settings found in the Silk Primax.


Hallways, conference rooms, and other large, open rooms can present a problem for the hearing aid user. Noises reverberate and the resulting echoes can disrupt a listener’s ability to focus on the speech and sounds they need to hear. EchoShield helps, softening reflected sounds and improving sound quality. Conversation and more becomes effortless, even in a museum, gallery, or any other event where sound echoes could be a problem.

3 Technology Levels

The Primax platform is split into three technology levels so that everyone can find their perfect hearing aid. The 7px offers the fullest range of features in the Primax series, including EchoShield, the most effective SpeechMaster, up to 12kHz bandwidth, and the most adjustment to speech and noise management. The 5px is the mid range model, and offers outstanding value while still staying packed with great features. The 3px is the entry level model in the Primax series, and you can still expect the frequency compression, feedback cancellation, sound smoothing, and speech and noise management capabilities. The Primax series offers customers a wide range of options so they are able to choose the hearing aid model that best suits their needs. The Primax platform offers amazing technology that all fits into the discreet Silk model.


Wireless Capability

Everyday life has many different hearing situations, and you want a hearing aid that can handle them all. You can transform your hearing aids into high-quality stereo headsets with easyTek. EasyTek allows you to connect your hearing aids to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and any Bluetooth phones. Smartphone users can adjust the Silk Primax through the Signia touchControl app, and you can wirelessly stream audio devices with the optional easyTek accessory- a remote streamer. The easyTek is easy to use right out of the box, and doesn’t require any software programming. It will seamlessly connect external audio to your hearing aids.


The miniPocket remote offers discreet control to your Silk Primax hearing aid. No need for a large remote or even your smartphone when you use the miniPocket remote to control all the essential features of the Silk Primax. Carry it in your pocket, or on a keychain, to have control at your fingertips! Factory Direct Hearing offers this remote FREE with any Silk Primax purchase!

Color Coded

    Everything about your hearing aids should  be made as easy as possible, and Signia  has created the Silk Primax with two colors for easy identification. Blue is for the left ear, and red is for the right so that you never wonder which hearing aid goes in  which ear. Factory Direct Hearing offers the  Silk Primax for left, right, or both ears.  Don’t take more time than you need to getting your hearing aids in with our color coded Silk Primax.

 So are you ready for a discreet hearing aid solution for every situation? Then you are ready for the tiny Silk and all of the great features of the Primax platform! If you want

superior sound quality, the ability to hear speech clearly, background noise reduction, sound smoothing, and a hearing aid that is great both indoors and out, you want the Silk Primax! Hear announcements at a busy airport, catch up with a good friend in a noisy restaurant, and enjoy your favorite music once again, it is all possible with the Silk Primax from Siemens/Signia. Send us your hearing test and we will ship the Silk Primax directly to your door! Factory Direct Hearing makes it so easy to buy the best hearing aids online and is proud to carry the Silk Primax models!