Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aids

If you are finally ready to get hearing aids, it is helpful to know that sometimes they require a period of adjustment. Hearing aids can bring you back a better quality of life, being able to participate in conversations again, talk on the phone, and hear the TV. But your ears and brain have gotten used to diminished hearing, and there will be a period of re-learning what good hearing is like! If you are prepared for this learning time, you will be able to more easily acclimate to your new hearing aids, and enjoy the sounds of life again!


Don’t Get Discouraged!

Just knowing that there may be an adjustment period can help! If you are prepared for things sounding a little funny, or not feeling like you are hearing the best, you will more easily transition through this initial time. Giving your ears and brain some time to get used to your hearing aids without worrying too much will give you a stress-free time of adjustment.

Start Small

Build up to wearing your hearing aids full time by starting out in smaller segments.

Start wearing your hearing aids for a few hours to get used to how they feel, and adjust to hearing new sounds. Eventually, your hearing aids will become a natural part of your life, but it is okay to take a few days (or longer) to work up to wearing them full time.

Start Easy

Starting off with your new hearing aids in situations that are more comfortable is a good idea. Don’t have your first hearing aid experience be in a noisy restaurant where you are trying to keep up with conversation. Start slow and simple, with one on one conversations and quieter environments so you can get used to how your hearing aids function.

Don’t Play With the Volume

You may initially feel your hearing aids are too loud or too quiet. Adjust them one time, and then try not touching the volume for awhile. Constantly changing the volume will just confuse your ears and make it harder to adjust to your new hearing aids.

Adjust to Your Voice

Just like hearing yourself recorded, your voice can sound funny, or even jarring, the first time you try your new hearing aids. Don’t panic, and know that your voice is not changing, you just need to have some time to get used to hearing it again!

Start Participating!

Once you have adjusted to your hearing aids, take advantage of them! Participate in conversations, talk on the phone, and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows again! The best way to adjust to your hearing aids is to use them, and find out how they perform in every situation.

Don’t be intimidated by the adjustment period with your new hearing aids. Go into this time knowing that your new hearing aids will be life changing, and will help you enjoy activities again that may have become difficult due to hearing loss. Start hearing better today with new hearing aids from Factory Hearing Direct—shop now!