How to Care For Your Hearing Aids-Summer Edition

How to Care For Your Hearing Aids-Summer Edition

The weather is warming up, kids are getting out of school soon, and many vacations are on the horizon. Hopefully you are excited about the summer months that are soon upon us! If you are a hearing aid wearer, summer is a time when you should take a little extra care with your hearing aids. Read on for tips and tricks to keep your hearing aids in peak condition this summer.

 The main issue to worry about in the summer months is the heat and moisture that can damage your hearing aids. Gardening outdoors, walking in the sun, or time spent in a hot car can all expose your hearing aids to high temperatures that can cause damage. These high temperatures can also cause you to sweat, and this moisture poses potential problems for your hearing aids. You want your hearing aids in peak condition to help you with your hearing issues, and you need to give them a little extra attention in the summer.


  • Nighttime Care: While you are sleeping is a great time to allow your hearing aids to fully dry out and eliminate any moisture that may have gotten inside. Open the battery door on your hearing aids to allow maximum airflow and keep your hearing aids dry and functional.
  • Outdoor Care: If you are exercising outside, or in extremely warm temperatures, you may want to temporarily remove your hearing aids. Especially if you are not actively using them, giving them a break from the heat can help extend their life and keep them working. If it is raining you should consider placing your hearing aids in a protected place unless you are under an umbrella.
  • Water Care: Remove your hearing aids before swimming, showering, or any activity that you think may expose them to water.
  • Sunlight: Direct sunlight is extremely powerful and can damage your hearing aids over time. Keep your hearing aids protected in a case and out of direct sunlight when you are not using them.
  • Store Smart: Store your hearing aids in a place that has plenty of airflow and won’t become extremely hot. Places to avoid include glove boxes, car dashboards, bathrooms, and bags that will be in the sun for extended periods.
  • Damaging Oils: Summertime increases the use of sunscreens, and these lotions and sprays can damage your hearing aids. The oils in sunscreens can seep into the openings on your hearing aids and cause damage. Make sure your sunscreen is completely absorbed before putting in your hearing aids.
  • Watch Your Hair: Summertime can include being constantly in and out of the pool, or more frequent showers to cool down. This can leave long, wet hair in contact with your hearing aids and can damage them. If your hair touches your hearing aids, make sure it is completely dry or swept away from your ears to keep your hearing aids dry and functional.
  • Stay Vigilant: You may need to change the battery in your hearing aid more frequently in the summer if you notice any corrosion. Look for a white powder on your battery to indicate corrosion, and change it immediately if it is corroded. You can clean the battery contacts by gently brushing off the corrosion.
  • Domes: You may need to change your tubes and domes more frequently in the summer months, so keep an eye on them if they begin to become worn.
  • Don’t Try to Dry With Heat: If your hearing aids do become wet this summer, do NOT try to dry them with a blow drier, microwave or any other sources of hot air. Heat can ruin your hearing aid, and opening the battery door and allowing airflow to gently dry your hearing aid is the best solution.
  • Dirt + Moisture: Keeping your hearing aids clean throughout the year is important, but in the summer months it becomes even more so. Dirt can mix with sweat or water to clog your hearing aids and be difficult to clean. Keeping your hearing aids as dry as possible will keep dirt from sticking to them.


The summer months are meant to be enjoyed, and taking a little extra care of your hearing aids will allow you to do just that! Keep your hearing aids clean, dry, and away from extreme heat and you will prolong their life and sound quality. At Factory Hearing Direct we can help you with new hearing aids—check out our amazing online selection today!