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The Sounds of Summer

Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer! The ice-cream truck music, lawnmowers in the distance, children selling lemonade, and outdoor music concerts are all familiar noises that bring that complete summertime feeling. But what if you aren’t able to hear all of these noises come summer? If you are experiencing hearing loss, you might be missing out on the complete summer experience. Take action today, with a new hearing aid from Factory Hearing Direct that we ship directly to your door with only a hearing test needed. Read on to see what you could be missing out on this summer without new hearing aids. Outdoor Music With the warmer weather comes outdoor concerts. If you are a music lover, this time...

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How Hearing Loss Impacts Quality of Life

Hearing is the most common sensory deficit in the elderly, according to the National Institute of Health. While we may think of hearing loss as just a nuisance, or a fact of aging, hearing loss can affect your life, relationships, and mental state dramatically. Because hearing loss is usually degenerative, any negative effects of hearing loss will only get worse over time. Your quality of life can be profoundly affected by hearing loss, which is why addressing it early and finding solutions is so important. Hearing Loss and Disability How can you measure how the quality of life is impacted by hearing loss? According to the CDC, one way to measure is calculating disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). In the case...

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How a Tiny Fly Has Helped Hearing Aids

Research is constantly being done to help advance hearing aid technology and provide better hearing opportunities for those individuals who struggle with hearing loss. Looking to the way that sound waves are processed, called signal processing, researchers try to find ways to amplify sound in a way that can be heard by those hearing impaired individuals. This is combined with research that uses technology to design and manufacture hearing aids that have the best fit, construction, and durability. Some of the most interesting research lies in the tiny fly Ormia ochracea that are being studied by the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) and other researchers. Using the hearing capabilities of animals has helped researchers further understand...

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