The Sounds of Summer

Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer! The ice-cream truck music, lawnmowers in the distance, children selling lemonade, and outdoor music concerts are all familiar noises that bring that complete summertime feeling. But what if you aren’t able to hear all of these noises come summer? If you are experiencing hearing loss, you might be missing out on the complete summer experience. Take action today, with a new hearing aid from Factory Hearing Direct that we ship directly to your door with only a hearing test needed. Read on to see what you could be missing out on this summer without new hearing aids.

Outdoor Music

With the warmer weather comes outdoor concerts. If you are a music lover, this time of year opens up great new possibilities to relax outside while taking in live music. Whether you love bluegrass, rock, classical, jazz, or any other type of music, hearing loss can greatly interfere with your musical experiences. Events that once were the focus of your summer can become a waste of money if you can’t hear the sounds you love. Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your summer concerts, take action to hear better today! At Factory Direct Hearing, we offer many hearing aid solutions, including the tiny Silk Primax. This almost invisible hearing aid comes with a live music setting that helps amplify all the sounds you love while keeping the background noise to a minimum. If you are hoping to add outdoor concerts to your summer bucket list, let Factory Direct Hearing help you enjoy them!

Outdoor Dining

The warmer weather also means dining can be al fresco. Many restaurants are that much better enjoyed on an outdoor patio, or sipping a cocktail while watching a sunset. Dining outside is wonderful, but it brings with it a host of new background noises that are hard to navigate if you are hearing impaired. Traffic driving by, wind, waves, and the rustling of trees can all hinder your ability to hear your dining companion. If you struggle to hear dining conversation, the motivation for remaining social and going to luncheons and dinner could diminish. Don’t let hearing loss affect your social life! A hearing aid can help you diminish the background noises you don’t want, and amplify the voice of your companion. Dining outdoors in the summer months is a lovely experience that shouldn’t be missed because of hearing loss!


While you may not be bringing your hearing aid in the pool, splashing around during the summer is a classic pastime. If you have children or grandchildren who love the pool, they often need an adult to watch them while they race, cannonball, dive, and bellyflop in the water. All of that splashing and kids yelling can result in a situation where it is difficult to hear. This can make you feel unable to properly watch your children or grandchildren, and not enjoyable when you can’t hear what they are telling you from the pool. Even if you are just relaxing while a lifeguard watches the kids, a conversation poolside can be almost impossible with all of the background noise.  Remedy this situation with new hearing aids from Factory Hearing Direct! Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your aquatic excursions this summer! With new hearing aids you will feel confident that you can hear the kids you are keeping an eye on, and keep up with the poolside conversations.

Outdoor Events

If you love going to outdoor art exhibits, country fairs, rodeos, carnivals, or neighborhood festivals, hearing loss can really impede your ability to enjoy yourself. Carrying on a conversation while winding through a noisy crowd can be impossible, and you may find yourself not engaging socially like you once did. Hearing announcements can be hard to distinguish from all of the other background noises. If your summer is usually full of outdoor events, don’t let hearing loss put a stop to that! A hearing aid can help your hearing, and, in turn, really help your whole life. Enjoy all of your favorite festivals this summer knowing that you will be able to hear all of your favorite sounds.


Summer is the perfect time to get close to nature. Hikes, bike rides, canoe rides, and camping are all made better with the warm weather and long days. If you love the rustle of the leaves, the chirping of birds, and the sounds of rushing water in brooks and streams, don’t let hearing loss mean that these noises are gone! Nature is more fully enjoyed with good hearing, and a new hearing aid can restore those natural sounds you may have thought were gone. Hear the bird calls again, the bubbling of the brook, and the chirping of your favorite birds. Don’t let hearing loss diminish your love of nature—get a new hearing aid today!

If you find yourself not enjoying the summer like you used to, it might be because hearing loss has taken away some of the sweet, familiar sounds. Hearing loss really does take away more than just one of your senses, it can isolate you, make you less social, and lead to depression when you no longer are able to enjoy the same activities. A new hearing aid can help. Factory Direct Hearing is proud to offer hearing solutions that are ordered online with only a hearing test needed! Don’t spend unnecessary money on office visits when you can have a customized hearing aid from Factory Direct Hearing shipped directly to your door! We want you to regain your hearing to enjoy all the good things life has to offer—including the sweet sounds of summer! Get started today, and enjoy better hearing this summer!