Buying Hearing Aids Online is Easy and Affordable!

Buying Hearing Aids Online

Have you been experiencing difficulty hearing? Are you always asking people to speak up, turning up the volume on the TV, or straining to hear in a noisy restaurant? Hearing loss affects one out of every three people 65 or older, and is a major public health issue. Have you resisted getting hearing aids because they seem too expensive, it seems inconvenient to go to multiple appointments, or you are afraid of ending up with something that doesn’t really work for you? Your solution is here! Buying your hearing aids online through Factory Direct Hearing provides a convenient, low-cost solution to traditional hearing aids!


Have you been told you need hearing aids but are shocked at the high prices? Unfortunately many insurances don’t cover hearing aids, and that means you will be paying—and you don’t want to overpay! Our goal here at Factory Direct is to bring you the highest quality hearing aids at the best possible prices. In fact, we are so confident in our prices that we offer a “Price Beat Guarantee” and if you find a better offer anywhere else (we don’t think you will!), we will BEAT it! We are continually researching retail and wholesale pricing to be sure that we are giving you the best possible deal. Hearing aids don’t have to be so expensive! At Factory Direct Hearing we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sounds of life without being financially burdened. There are so many better uses for your money than overspending on hearing aids! Think of the trips you could take or the events that you have been missing out on because of your hearing impairment. We want to allow you to purchase the hearing aids you want and not be held back by the price. We don’t have to pay for the expensive overhead costs that brick and mortar stores do, including rent and equipment, and we are able to sell many more hearing aids than traditional stores—and we pass the savings onto you! Are you willing to pay $5000 to $8000 more for your hearing aids for just a couple of office visits per year? A typical visit should be $50 or less, and the savings with Factory Direct Hearing will afford you dozens of visits if you ever need them. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend a lot to get high quality hearing aids—choose Factory Direct and save!

No Hidden Fees

Along with our great prices, there are absolutely NO hidden fees! A visit to your practitioner’s office may bundle the cost of your hearing aids with follow-up exams, and you might be paying way more than you need to for just a few extra visits! Are you willing to spend thousands more just for one or two follow-up exams? At Factory Direct Hearing, all of our prices are completely upfront, and there is nothing hidden. Programming, shipping, and fitting are all included in the price of your hearing aids! Yes, we even include the shipping! We also can take care of the warranty on your new hearing aid, and handle the entire process at no cost to you. We don’t believe in gimmicks, we believe in providing the best hearing aids at the absolute best prices, and our free shipping, no hidden fees, and low, low, prices reflect that! The investment in a hearing aid is enough of a cost, you don’t need to be suddenly surprised by additional visit fees or other hidden costs. Don’t be surprised by hidden fees—choose Factory Direct Hearing for your next hearing aid purchase!


At Factory Direct Hearing we offer you a convenient way to browse and purchase your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home! Have you ever felt pressured at an office visit to make an immediate decision on the few styles available? We want you to feel relaxed and confident when you purchase from us, and you can look up reviews and information about all of the hearing aid brands we offer right from your own computer. Whether you are always on the go, and it is hard for you to fit multiple office visits into your schedule, or you have trouble getting out of the house, we make it easy to find quality, affordable hearing aids! Even if it is icy outside, and a trip to the doctor’s office could be treacherous, we offer the convenience of online shopping to make one of the most important purchases for your health! Pour a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a comfy chair, and buy your hearing aids conveniently from home! When your hearing aids arrive, they will be completely programmed to your hearing needs and ready to use out of the box! Discover just how convenient buying your hearing aids online can be with Factory Direct Hearing!

Customer Service

Buying your hearing aids online doesn’t eliminate excellent customer service. At Factory Direct Hearing we are dedicated to having the best customer service in the business, and providing support for all of your questions and concerns. We are 10 year veterans in the hearing aid industry, so we know the brands, we know the challenges, and we know what a good price is. Our reviews say it all, and our customers describe their experience as “delightful”, and say our staff was “helpful”, “courteous”, and “go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.” Just because you aren’t visiting a physical store doesn’t mean you get any less service! Many of our customers also appreciate the no-pressure approach we take at Factory Direct Hearing. We only want you to buy the hearing aids that are perfect for you and that will fit your hearing needs and your budget. If you do need help after receiving your new hearing aids we offer Remote Programming Services, or you can take your hearing aids into any local clinic. Our hearing aids are not locked, and can be easily programmed using the manufacturer’s software. We are here for you, and excited to give you the hearing support you need! We think one of our valued customers summed it up pretty well when they said: “This company is the secret the hearing aid industry doesn’t want you to know about!”


At Factory Direct Hearing we are pleased to be able to offer you the best hearing aid brands in the industry! The hearing aid industry is constantly innovating and various brands are coming out with new features and technologies. If your local office only carries one brand of hearing aids you might be missing out on the product that is perfect for your specific type of hearing loss. We carry Siemens/Signia, Oticon, Widex, and ReSound—trusted names that bring decades of experience and innovation to the newest hearing aid models. Would you visit a shoe store that only carried one brand of shoes? Of course not! Everyone is unique, and that goes for their hearing as well, and we stock a large selection of hearing aids that can help hearing loss in clients with various ear shapes and sizes and need for technological features. You might really want to try the tiny, discreet Signia Silk Primax that are invisible in the ear! Or, you might prefer the ease of wearing a behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid like the ReSound Linx2. We know that each person’s hearing needs are unique, and that is why we carry a range of brands for you to choose from. You may need certain technologies, water resistance, the ability to recharge, a long battery life, or compatiblity with your smartphone, and you want a great selection of models and styles that will give you the features you need. When you want a great selection of brands, turn to Factory Direct Hearing!


Because we offer so many great brands, you are able to get all of the newest features available in the hearing aid industry when you choose Factory Direct Hearing. If you think that hearing aids are clunky, bulky, and hard to use, you haven’t seen the newest innovations! In canal hearing aids can be so small they are virtually invisible in the ear, lightweight, and discreet. New hearing aids are equipped with speech enhancers and noise reduction functions that make it easy to hear in a crowded restaurant or at noisy social gatherings. Many hearing aids now allow you to control settings from your smartphone, giving you convenient, discreet, and easy access to adjusting your hearing aids. Do you love listening to music and going to concerts? Check out hearing aids that come with live music settings, and that enhance concert sounds for an even more enjoyable experience. And are you frustrated with hearing aid batteries that are always needing to be changed, hard to install, and expensive? Several hearing aids now offer rechargeable solutions so that you are never left with your hearing aid dying on you. Whether you want to enjoy conversations more, be able to hear your favorite music or TV, or talk on the phone to a long-distance friend, hearing aid technologies now offer precise settings for all sorts of hearing environments. If you want the newest features, you need the best selection at the best prices—you need Factory Direct Hearing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so committed to helping you find the best possible hearing aids that we guarantee your satisfaction! If the hearing aid you purchased is not the right one, don’t worry! You can return it within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price! That’s right, you have almost two months to determine whether you love your hearing aid, and if you don’t we will refund you or replace it! We have NO restocking fees, NO exchange fees, and NO hassle! Our friendly staff can help you if you have any issues, and help you find the best hearing aids for your hearing needs. We aren’t happy until you are! Don’t settle for a mediocre hearing aid experience that leaves you dissatisfied and with empty pockets. Choose Factory Direct Hearing, where we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and work hard to make sure you have a great experience.

Quality of Life

If you are suffering from hearing impairment, you know the effects it can have on your quality of life. If you can’t hear you may not want to go to events that are noisy or crowded for fear that you won’t know what is going on. Meetings at work and lunches with friends can become things you dread. Straining to always hear can leave you both mentally and physically exhausted. Hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression, a loss of balance, and even a decline in cognitive function. When you buy your hearing aids online from Factory Direct Hearing, you are taking an important step forward for your health. Your hearing aids will arrive pre-programmed, ready to use, with our customer support team just a phone call away if you need any help. Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life! Hearing loss does not need to mean a reduction in your lifestyle—you just need hearing aids that address your impairment and challenges. Regain your life and independence with hearing aids from Factory Direct Hearing.

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