Cros & BiCros Hearing Aids

We offer a wide selection of Cros and BiCros hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers, some of the most popular Cros systems are offered by Phonak and Siemens.

Cros Hearing Aids

Since Cros fitment is a bit different than normal binaural hearing aids, we recommend that when requesting a Cros hearing aid solution you contact one of our specialists who can assist you in choosing the right model of crossover hearing aids for your needs.

If you've already been recommended a certain model by your local practitioner, please let our friendly representative know and they will help you put a custom order together for your exact needs and specifications. Learn more about CROS and BiCROS hearing aids.

Cros Hearing Aids are just a phone call away: 855-394-3274

Have problems hearing over the phone? Our representatives are also available by E-Mail, Live Chat or Relay Phone Services.

Phonak Cros II Hearing Aids

Siemens Cros BiCros Hearing Aids