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Here at Factory Direct Hearing, we are proud to carry GN Resound hearing aids and accessories. Resound is known around the world for the quality of their hearing devices, and you can get them online with a click of the button from our site. If you are in the market for new hearing aids, GN Resound devices should be on your checklist. We go over a little bit of information about this great hearing company here.



About Resound

About Resound

Known for their innovative approaches to hearing solutions, which combine new ideas with emerging technology, Resound is on the cutting edge of hearing loss management. Founded all the way back in 1942, the company’s main headquarters can be found in Bloomington, Minnesota. From its humble beginnings, the company has seen major growth due to the widespread use of its products. Now, it has offices in over 25 countries, employing over 4,100 people around the world, with major distributors in over 80 countries. Resound is also a part of GN Store Nord.Community - About Resound

As one of the biggest manufacturers of hearing aids around the world, Resound is proud to give back to the communities that make its success possible, including local communities, healthcare professionals, and hearing patients. Due to the company’s success, there are many career opportunities for those interested in getting into this exciting healthcare industry.

If you are looking for Resound hearing aids online, then look no further than Factory Hearing Direct. We have lots of options to choose from, carrying only the top brands in the industry. For more information about our online hearing aids and accessories, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Tinitus Management


GN Resound Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is a condition wherein people hear sounds that are not actually externally present. These sounds often present in the form of a clicking, ringing, hissing, or roaring, although they can rarely be heard as muffled voices or music. For some people, tinnitus can interfere with their day-to-day living, causing problems with depression, anxiety, and concentration. GN Resound hearing aids have a built-in tinnitus management system. Here, we’ll go over some information about tinnitus, and GN Resound’s approach to managing the symptom.

What Causes Tinnitus?Elderly Couple

Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, but is rather a symptom that can stem from many different causes. Some of these causes include hearing loss from exposure to extremely loud sound, middle or inner ear infections, hearing nerve tumors, or even excess earwax.

Most forms of tinnitus can be treated by management programs, hearing aids, and general relaxation techniques. However, sometimes, tinnitus can be treated by medicine or surgery, so make sure to consult your otolaryngologist for treatment options.

Tinnitus Facts

  • Tinnitus is when you hear noises that aren’t there, but not due to a psychiatric condition. These noises can be present anywhere in the head, in both ears, or in one or the other.
  • Tinnitus is an extremely common condition to suffer from, with anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of people around the world experiencing it. In the United States, there are 50 million different people who suffer from tinnitus, although only about 12 million report that it affects their day-to-day life negatively.
  • There are two types of classification for tinnitus: objective and subjective. Objective tinnitus can be measured by an observer through involuntary muscle twitching, or with a sensitive microphone that can pick up high frequency tones (sometimes a cause for tinnitus). Subjective tinnitus is the more frequent type by a wide margin, and is experienced only by the person suffering from it.
  • Studies have shown that smoking cigarettes regularly is not only linked to heart and lung problems, but also tinnitus and chronic ear infections as well.
  • Tinnitus commonly has triggers, which often include stress and anxiety. There is a heavy correlation between people who suffer from anxiety disorders, depression, stress, and panic attacks and people who suffer from tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus is very common with veterans, 60 percent of whom come back from Iraq/Afghanistan with both hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin, when used in excess, can exacerbate symptoms of tinnitus.

ReSound Tinnitus Management

Resound Smart Hearing Aids are sold with a built-in Tinnitus Sound Generator, or TSG. The TSG comes with a host of features that aid in fighting tinnitus symptoms, like sound therapy programs. These sound programs are customizable, so wearers can pinpoint the best management system that works for them. Sound is streamed directly from the app to your hearing device with crystal clear quality. There are two ReSound apps offered: ReSound Relief and ReSound Smart App. The Relief app handles all the sound therapies at your disposal, while the Smart app controls all the settings, allowing you to adjust your hearing aid without ever having to take it out or touch it.

On top of Resound’s cutting-edge hearing devices, they also offer customized clinical support materials. Check out their site for their ReSound tinnitus management professional brochure.

If you are suffering from tinnitus, then GN Resound hearing aids may be the perfect solution for your problem. We just happen to carry many of the latest GN Resound hearing devices online. Feel free to peruse our selection at your convenience. We carry all of the best name brands in hearing aids. If you are looking for more information on the online hearing aids and hearing aid accessories we sell, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your leisure. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to provide you with any information that you might need.




ReSound Linx2

Here at Factory Direct Hearing, we are proud to carry the ReSound Linx2 for sale online. This amazing device is helping millions of people around the world live with moderate to severe hearing loss. With the click of a button, you could have this hearing device shipped right to your door, and reap the benefits it offers for yourself. For those of you who may be in the market for new hearing aids, we go over the ReSound Linx2 here.

Linx2 Specs

  • This Linx hearing aid model is designed to deliver 30 percent better speech intelligibility, as well as improved noise reduction. The increased speech intelligibility is due to the Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense, a technology developed by ReSound since 2007 that applies directionality in a new way that opens sound while avoiding tunnel hearing.
  • The Linx2 boasts a powerful yet sleek 13 battery RIE that improves over 90 percent of types of hearing loss.
  • The Linx2 has a sleek new SureFit system. The SureFit is a smaller, more discrete receiver system that has four different power levels for customizable performance. It is easy to secure and lock, and delivers a better audiological fit, lower distortion, and a higher maximum output than previous systems.
  • Improved battery door design makes using the Linx easier than ever. On/Off/Open mechanisms have been optimized to increase functionality and last longer. Volume controls, push buttons, and function switches have all been improved for easier use as well as tactile feedback.
  • For those worried about lifespan, the Linx2 boasts an iSolate nanotech coating on every component, including receivers and domes. This coating repels just about any outside element that could degrade the device, including water, corrosive substances, dust, sweat, and earwax.
  • Linx hearing aids can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled phone. Want to take a business call on your iPhone? Stream it right to your ear with hands free calling using your hearing aid. The Phone Clip + allows you to remotely control the volume and settings without ever having to touch your hearing aid.
  • ReSound Relief, Smart, and Control apps are available with the Linx hearing aid.

noticeIf you suffer from moderate to mild hearing loss, then the Linx2 might be the perfect choice for you.

We have plenty of Linx hearing aids to choose from online, along with a host of other trusted hearing aid brands. For more information on the hearing products that we carry, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Resound Technology Overview


ReSound Technology Overview

We are proud to carry ReSound hearing aids online, one of the premiere hearing aid brands across the world. ReSound is constantly on the cutting age of hearing loss technology. Hearing loss is a huge obstacle to overcome in everyday life, but luckily we have never been better at combating hearing loss, thanks to constant innovation from companies like ReSound. So how is ReSound always at the forefront of hearing loss innovations? We go over their approach to hearing technology right here.

Surround IconSurround Sound by Resound

Surround Sound by Resound is what ReSound calls their sound processing strategy. It is geared toward improving speech understanding, processing where sounds come from, and getting clear, vibrant, and rich sound. All of ReSound’s technology aims to emulate and recreate the natural function of the human ear, creating a clear and natural sound just as with conventional hearing.

Quality IconDigital: Quality In and Out

Sound is naturally analog, just meaning that it is communicated by a continuous stream of vibrations. However, nowadays, much of what we hear is reproduced digitally. This doesn’t necessarily equate in a lesser quality sound, but only if it is done correctly. ReSound is digitally emulating the natural hearing process, so that when it is converted back into analog sound, it is as clear and as natural as possible.

Unwanted noise IconRidding Unwanted Noise

It is not enough to reproduce an amazing sound with ReSound’s hearing aids, wearers also need to be able to sift through and focus on sounds as well. That is why clearing the hearing aid signal of any unwanted noise is so important to recreate natural hearing. Especially because so many people with hearing loss also suffer from tinnitus, distinguishing sounds can be extremely important for hearing aid wearers. The ability to focus on sound at will is what makes hearing feel natural and comfortable.

On top of the ability to focus away from unwanted sound, ReSound hearing aids also help reduce artificial noises. Any time you convert sound to digital, there is a chance for unnatural auditory experiences. Our technology is designed to reduce any such effects without any loss to sound quality, and do it seamlessly and automatically.

2.4 Ghz Tech Icon2.4 GHz Technology

When you are receiving sound through a wireless system, 2.4 GHz signals allow for higher quality, direct streaming to your stereo without any intermediate devices. ReSound has been using 2.4 GHz technology since 2010, and has been perfecting it ever since.

ReSound products are powered by SmartRange, which is the fastest, most powerful wireless chip platform on the market. It boasts wireless ear to ear processing power in real time, has a direct connection to all ReSound accessories, and offers on the spot personalization when you use the ReSound Smart app.

When it comes to making hearing aids that effectively reduce the effects of hearing loss, you cannot go wrong with ReSound hearing devices. Here at Factory Direct Hearing, we are proud to have ReSound hearing aids in stock, available for purchase online. If you would like more information on our ReSound hearing devices, or any of the other top names in hearing aids that we carry, please do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.