Siemens/Signia Hearing Aids Online

Siemens is one of the most recognized worldwide hearing aid brands there is. Having been in the hearing health market for over a century, they have had a lot of time to perfect their products. Since their inception, they have changed their name from Siemens to Signia, but can still be recognized by either name. If you are in the market for online Signia hearing aids, we have plenty in stock to choose from. In the meantime, here are some of the types of hearing aids Signia offers.

Signia Primax

Signia Pure

Signia and Tinnitus

Signia Primax is the platform our hearing aids use, and it is the most advanced of its kind to date. It has been tested in independent studies to reduce the effort required for listening and to help users hear in challenging listening environments. It works with Signia hearing aids.


Signia’s newest line of hearing aids, the Silk, is chock full of advanced design features that offer its users unparalleled quality of sound. The Silk is designed so that your ears can focus on the sounds directly in front of you, while filtering out noises from behind and around you that might interfere with your hearing. It is able to connect wirelessly, even allowing you to stream your preferred audio straight to your ears. As with all Signia hearing aids, the Silk is made with discretion in mind.


The tiniest and most discrete of Signia’s RIC hearing aids, the Ace offers a fantastic listening experience without the hassle of worrying about discretion. When convenience is necessary, we always recommend the Ace as one of the first hearing aid products to try. That is what makes it so great for first time hearing aid users. Don’t let the small size fool you, this device is made to last, with resistance to dirt, water, sweat, and dust.


Binaural hearing refers to how we hear better with both ears rather than just one. The Pure is known for its beneficial binaural hearing effects, as well as its elegant features and sophisticated design. Made for moderate to severe hearing loss, the receiver of the Pure sits right in the ear canal. Even though is has a huge range of features, it still boasts one of the lowest battery consumptions of any of Signia’s hearing devices. That means more time on the go without having to worry about recharging.


Another hearing device focused on binaural hearing, the Carat, like the Pure, also boasts an impressive battery life. Using BestSound Technology, the Carat allows users to hear normally even in noisy environments, like crowded or windy areas. It is both compact and easy to use, like all Signia devices.


For people who still want to travel through demanding environments, the Aquaris is the only real choice for hearing aids. It is truly waterproof, as well as dust proof and shockproof. It doesn’t matter what you put it through. Sweat, wind, rain, falls, dust; the Aquaris is made to stand up to it all. It is the perfect choice for the person who doesn’t want their hearing aid to stop their activities for one second.


The Insio is all about customization. If you want a clear and distinct sound, without any muffle effect, it is the product for you. It will automatically import your audio preferences and adjust itself to them to offer great sound quality, as well as greater speech understanding. Wireless connectivity also allows you to connect to a wide range of devices, and import the sound right to your ears.

Nitro BTE

For people that have severe to extreme hearing loss, who also want to maintain their active and involved lifestyles, the Nitro BTE offers the ideal solution. Powered by Signia’s BestSound Technology, these hearing aids offer exemplary amplification to remedy even the most severe hearing problems. It is made to have long lasting battery life, and offers wireless connectivity as well.

Hopefully you feel a little more comfortable about picking out your Siemens/Signia hearing aid. We have plenty of products from the top hearing aid brands across the nation. Feel free to peruse our selection at your convenience. If you have any questions about which online hearing aids might be the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

The Signia line of Pure hearing aid products redefines the phrase easy listening. It combines a sophisticated design with outstanding hearing features. There is no reason to let minor or moderate hearing loss affect your life, and with the Pure you do not have to. Enjoy every detail down to the most minute sound with this fantastic Signia listening device. Here’s a little more information about this product, and all the great benefits you can reap from it!

Pure Listening Joy

The Pure hearing aid is made for your convenience. There are no small batteries that you’ll have to constantly replace, as it makes use of the eCharger for easy charging. The Pure is IP67 rated, so you know it is made to work. It is also resistant to both dirt and moisture, so you won’t have to miss a beat on your active day. But what really makes the Pure stand out is its SpeechMaster function, which continuously monitors the sounds around you to determine the “dominant speaker”, or dominant sound, and reduces the background noise. Even people with average hearing have problems picking out sounds when there is noise pollution, and the Pure makes it easier than ever!

For Travel

Hopping on the train for work? That can be frustrating with a hearing impairment, especially with all of the conversations and loud speaker announcements going on around you. Luckily, the SpeechMaster function on the Pure allows you to navigate through the sea of noise seamlessly. It does this by using narrow directionality and noise reduction to pinpoint who the speaker of interest is, and elevate their vibrations over others that may be interfering.

For Music

Perhaps one of the biggest losses when someone starts to lose their hearing is the thought that they will not be able to enjoy music like they used to. Luckily, the Pure is made for a superb music listening experience. Not only do you get all of the benefits of a top-of-the-line hearing aid, but the Pure has an HD Music program specifically tailored to let you experience the joy of music as fully as possible. Whether you are at a live concert, listening on an audio device, or even playing live yourself, Pure’s HD Music will make the quality of the sound you hear better.

For Business

Business offices are another place where hearing troubles can be problematic. There are phones ringing, company meetings, water cooler banter, and any number of other things going on at any time. When your manager comes in and asks you a question, you need to be able to drown everything out and focus on what they are saying. Here, the SpeechMaster function comes in handy. If your business relies on an announcer system, the Pure can make hearing announcements even easier with its EchoShield program, which reduces reverberation to create better and clearer sound quality.


The outdoors offers its own set of hearing obstacles. Most notably, when the wind picks up, it can be hard to make out other noises. Luckily, part of the Pure’s SpeechMaster function is to engage the eWindScreen binaural when the wind picks up, focusing in the direction that the noise is actually coming from to reduce wind noise.


The Pure comes with a wide range of features, depending on the individual hearing aids configuration. If you aren’t sure whether a product contains the feature you are looking for, consult your hearing care professional to assist you.

  • Remote Control -- the touchControl App and miniPocket app both allow for your hearing aid to be controlled discretely.
  • Directional Microphones -- The Pure has directional microphones that focus on the noise in front of you to both improve speech understanding and reduce confusing background noises.
  • IP67 Rating -- The Pure has an IP67 rating, and is resistant to dust, moisture, and dirt particles for increased durability and reliability.
  • Battery Compartment -- An easily accessible battery compartment allows you to switch your hearing instrument on and off without trouble.
  • Rocker Switch -- When you need to make volume adjustments, or change the program you are listening to, a rocker switch is available on the Pure for ease of use.
  • Charging Contacts -- When you need to recharge your device, but don’t want the hassle of taking out and handling the batteries, the Pure has charging contacts for easy charging.
  • Exchangeable Housing -- Don’t like the color of the Pure you chose? No problem! They have exchangeable housing, so you can change out to the color of your preference on a whim!
  • miniReceiver 2.0 -- Get audio streamed straight to your ear, and at a high quality, with the miniReceiver 2.0. It has four power levels: S, M, P, and HP.
  • TwinPhone -- The last thing you want is for your hearing pieces not to be synced up. The Twinphone feature transmits the telephone signal from one hearing aid to the other.
  • Tinnitus Therapy -- The Pure can be programmed to send out Tinnitus therapy signals. These have been known to ease the symptoms associated with Tinnitus.


    The world is so much richer for all of its beautiful sounds we get to enjoy. Unfortunately, for those with tinnitus, hearing can be a double edged sword. Tinnitus is when a person hears sounds that are not externally there, and it can be a drain on a person’s life if it gets bad enough. Luckily, there are treatments for tinnitus, which can be had with Signia hearing aids.


    Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy

    Static noise tinnitus therapy uses, well, static noise to combat tinnitus. The soft, low frequency sounds distract the mind from the tinnitus, allowing the sufferer to relax without distraction. There is a range of signals that you can adjust with this therapy to get the best results.


    Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy

    Essentially the same function as Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy, Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy not only distracts you from your tinnitus, but does so with soothing ocean wave noises. Anybody who has ever used sounds of the ocean to go to sleep can back up their calming effects. This added to the distraction from tinnitus sounds can offer sufferers relief and relaxation.


    Tinnitus Notch Therapy

    Signia hearing aids are currently the only hearing aids on the market that offer built in Tinnitus Notch Therapy. It works inaudibly and unobtrusively to get rid of the annoyance tinnitus causes, not using additional sounds like the static and ocean wave therapies. All that you have to do to reap the benefits of Tinnitus Notch Therapy is to just wear your hearing aid as you normally would. It will start having an effect in just a couple weeks to a month. Also unlike the ocean wave and static noise methods, Tinnitus Notch Therapy can permanently get rid of the symptoms of tinnitus.

    Are you suffering from tinnitus? If so, then our online Signia/Siemens hearing aids may be the perfect solution for you. Not sure which one you need? No problem, just give us a call for more information at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to provide any answer any questions about our products that you need. We look forward to hearing from you!